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Quality Management System: Development and Management of Laboratory Documents; Approved Guideline—Sixth Edition (replaces GP02-A5)
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This document provides guidance on the processes needed for document management, including creating, controlling, changing, and retiring a laboratory’s policy, process, procedure, and form documents in both paper and electronic environments.

Chairholder: Lucia M. Berte, MA, MT(ASCP)SBB, DLM; CQA(ASQ)CMQOE
Organization: Laboratories Made Better!
Date of Publication: 2/28/2013
ISBN Number: 1-56238-870-3
Format: Approved Guideline
Edition: Sixth Edition
Pages: 106

This document is included in the CLSI document code change and rebranding that is currently in process. The code has changed from GP02-A6 to QMS02-A6. Please make sure that the document title corresponds to the publication that you intend order.

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